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By means of this new technology the well-proved dry gunning process gets an efficient progress regarding less dust nuisance, reduced rebound and more intensive mixing.

At the GUNMIX® system (EP 1153861) the gunning material is moistened in the mixing head by a fog of compressed air and water. By means of this unit the development of dust and rebound is reduced considerably. The water addition is exactly adjusted and can be measured. The gunning capacity is exactly adjusted by a gear motor with speed regulation. This makes it possible to keep an exact mixing ratio of gunning material and water.

New fields of application arise when LCC-, ULC- or NCC-materials will be applied in the dry gunning procedure. Due to the better moistening by GUNMIX® these materials can be processed by adding a small amount of liquid binding agent (water glass, acid or water). Compared with the conventional installation by casting, the comprehensive encasing works (building of templates) are omitted.

With GUNMIX® the gunning water is dispersed by compressed air, the waterdrops will be atomized and distributed homogenously in the mixing head. Thats why even finest material components can be moistened. (see picture with / without GUNMIX®).

GUNMIX - Mixing nozzle with hand piece and Spraying nozzle
GUNMIX - Mixing nozzle with hand piece and Spraying nozzle

Advantages by using the GUNMIX®-system:
  • better working conditions due to less dust development

  • better gunning result due to better moistening and non-arising of nests

  • savings of costs due to less rebound
Rotamat f/l with GUNMIX    EKS 1,2 with GUNMIX
Rotamat f/l with GUNMIX    EKS 1,2 with GUNMIX
stationary Rotamat f with GUNMIX
stationary Rotamat f with GUNMIX

mobile GUNMIX - moistening unit for upgrade of existing gunning machines
mobile GUNMIX - moistening unit for upgrade of existing gunning machines

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Use in refractory industry:
  • Now slurry materials can be worked in the dry gunning process, i. e. less water, only 15 % instead of 25 %, same physical values, rebound less than 5 %, less working costs.

  • By means of the GUNMIX®-system low cement castables must no longer be pumped, but can be worked in the dry gunning process; less personnel costs at exactly the same material characteristics.

  • Conventional gunning concrete can be applied with exact water quantities, less rebound (approx. 5 % instead of 20 %) and dust-free.






Use in the construction industry:
  • Dry building materials must no longer be pre-moistened and can be applied nearly dust-free and with less rebound.

  • Conventional gunning concrete is applied even more economical, since a more intensive moistening is guaranteed, at an exact low water-/cement factor.

Dust Reduction at Dry-Gunning Works

Due to the big dust emission in the collieries, the cost-saving and low-maintenance dry gunning has been displaced more and more by the wet gunning during the past years.

When using our new GUNMIX® Moistening System (European Patent No. 1153861) the underground mining can benefit from the manifold advantages of the dry-gunning and avoid the considerable efforts for the use of the wet gunning systems.

Our internationally well-proven dry gunning machines have been adapted to the special demands of the mineral coal mining with regard to explosion-proof and an outmost robust construction and are working nearly free of dust when dry gunning. Thus the complex efforts for the wet-gunning systems can be already saved for smaller applicatons.

Our gunning machine type Rotamat ut is used by Deutsche Steinkohle AG and listed in their product numbers.

This and even more offers the VELCO GUNMIX®-system.
VELCO stand for 30 years of experience in gunning technology.

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